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Our aims

BigYellowDesign Limited has been formed for the purpose of providing advanced data management, organisation management and operational deployment capabilities to organisations providing a response to incidents. Our passion is the support of voluntary organisations in response, although the tooling is also in use with Category 1 organisations.

Technology today

At present, many agencies are relying on solutions ranging from whiteboards in spare rooms, through shared spreadsheets, and up to complex combinations of open-source software or even in-house solutions. The pattern we have seen repeat many times is for an organisation to gradually mature to the more complex solutions, providing more and more capability to their organisation, but at the same time increasing their dependency on one volunteer specialist who becomes a single point of failure. When that person eventually leaves the organisation or is unable to sustain the workload, the systems in place gradually revert back to the simpler but less effective solutions like excel or whiteboards, before starting to build back up again and repeating the cycle.

Our vision of the future

As a means of breaking that cycle, our aim is to provide a low-cost, highly flexible system that is available as a service to voluntary agencies, allowing them to focus all their volunteer hours on their core activities, not on frustrating admin tasks that could be better completed by a computer.

Key features

The system allows each organisation to customise the metadata, such that the system can accurately reflect your own information storage needs.

The easy-to-use Role Manager allows you to define the qualifications that your team need to be able to safely perform certain roles. The live Tasking Manager will use those role definitions to ensure that you never deploy a responder to a scene without evidence of the right training. Having been deployed ourselves in some of the worst conditions we've experienced in this country, responder welfare is absolutely paramount to the team here at BigYellowDesign Limited.

During live incidents, the workflow for both controllers and responders is optimised to allow simple completion of the admin of deployment, providing the fastest possible turnaround time from initial call to arrival on scene.

Information management ensures that the responders on the ground have the information they need, when they need it, improving the efficiency of the responders.

Automated text messages to responders handle the message transfer, with automated tools to handle the responses back such that the controllers have minimal admin to perform, while still having the maximum situational awareness.


The Advanced Responder Management application was launched to the first wave of early adopters during 2016, and since then has been in full operational use by an increasing number of organisations, both voluntary and Category 1.

The system underwent its largest load during Storm Emma in early 2018, handling the deployment of 100s of responders, including over 100 from one organisation alone. The efficiencies of the system allowed controllers to safely deploy and manage a much larger number of responders simultaneously than had been done before, marking a step-change in the ability of the sector to bring the maximum capacity to bear on an incident, rather than being limited by the throughput of the control team.

Find out more

If you wish to find out more, then please get in touch with us at matt at bigyellowdesign.com. We will be happy to discuss your organisation's needs and whether ARM is the right solution for you.