Pulpit rock is a beautiful formation jutting into the sea on the south of the
                 Isle of Portland, and is nearby to where all the team live


Advanced Responder Manager (ARM) is an online system developed originally for voluntary agencies to manage their responders both in "peacetime" and also during incidents. The system allows you to manage your organisation's administrative workload, as well as significantly streamlining the operational workload for your control teams.

The system was developed originally in 2016, building on decades of experience of both software engineering as well as experience running several response charities.

Operational usage

It underwent its first large load during Storm Emma in early 2018, handling the deployment of 100s of responders, including over 100 from one organisation alone. The efficiencies of the system allowed controllers to safely deploy and manage a much larger number of responders simultaneously than had been done before, marking a step-change in the ability of the sector to bring the maximum capacity to bear on an incident, rather than being limited by the throughput of the control team.

Since then the system has gone from strength to strength, and is currently underpinning the Covid-19 Response for a large number of charities and volunteer organisations across the country.